Customer Focus

Image Installers' in-office, courteous customer service representatives manage our estimating and scheduling. They’re always ready to answer any questions you might have about your  graphic installation needs, provide timely estimates and updates on your projects.

We specialize in graphic installation services. Our aim is to deliver the top level of service and highest quality installation based on your requirements. We hope that with our services you will receive the most personalized, professional and organized installation of any graphics to any surface, in every location.

Our mobile team of graphic installers are supported by a dedicated staff to ensure booking, management and communication on your installation project is handled promptly and professionally!  With our proprietary job management system and scheduling management, we ensure your installation is performed on time.


For any graphic and signage production company, installers play a great role in establishing high quality services to your clients. Selecting the appropriate installation company, regardless of the type of installation, is a challenging and critical task in the success of your business.


Nowadays it seems quite difficult to find reliable, skilled installers that will show up on time and treat your install with the importance it deserves. If you deal with independent installers,  successful projects may become quite a challenging task. In fact, many of these independents do not have the resources to maintain an organized process to ensure your graphic installs, nor do they carry WSIB or very important liability coverage.   These measures are vital for any kind of graphic and sign installation.