We're certified!

Our installers are accredited professionals, with the training and hands-on experience you need for expert and reliable installation of vinyl graphics, vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps, banners signage. We are 3M Approved and Avery Certified. In addition, we carry liability and WSIB insurance, are WHMIS certified, and are lift and fall-arrest trained. 

About Us

Image Installers is a full service professional vinyl graphics installation company. Our team of professional graphic installers and project managers can offer your business the level of service and quality of graphics installation and sign instsallation that you need in order to help your business succeed. Why choose Image Installers as your installation partner?

We offer:

  • Non-compete guarantee - we do not print!
  • Dedicated vinyl graphics installers in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and many other cities
  • Professional representation of your company at all times
  • Over 30 years of vinyl graphic installation experience
  • Dedicated project managers to provide timely graphic install estimates, graphic installation scheduling and project management for nationwide rollouts
  • Graphic installation job management system, to ensure all requests are addressed quickly and all the details of your graphic installation projects are recorded for historical reference

We have deep expertise and proven experience in retail and commercial vinyl graphic installations including;

  • Hoardings/Barricades graphic installation, from hundreds to thousands of square feet
  • Billboards sign and graphic installations, ground level and aerial
  • Window Graphics graphic installations, ground level and aerial
  • Concrete Graphics installation, ground level and aerial
  • Vehicle Wrap installation, all types
  • Decals, Vehicle Decals installation
  • Bus and Transit advertising graphics installation
  • Custom Signs
  • Fleet Graphics installation

For the protection of our staff, your company and your clients;

  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance  of $5,000,00
  • WSIB certficiation
  • WHMIS trained, fall-arrest certified, and lift certified graphic installers
  • 3M Preferred and Avery Approved Graphic Installers

Our Service area:

  • Canada - Nationwide

We are proud to be Canada's premier independent contract installation company!